Inspired by the hexagonal connecting sphere as portrayed by the German biologist and artist Ernst Haeckel’s drawings of the arachnosphaera, single celled microorganisms from the depths of the sea. 



The illustrations of the radiolaria were discovered by Laura when she was given a pair of very special old mine cut diamonds.  After the birth of her second son, Laura had lost some inspiration. This unique gift inspired Laura to come back with lots of new ideas after discovering the illustrations of the German biologist and artist, Ernst Haeckel. Haeckel proves to be a considerable part of Laura’s inspiration since it relates so closely to the ocean life that Laura finds so beautiful.



The original baby lobster claw was found on the beach in Madaket of Nantucket island in perfect dried out condition. Preserved and brought back to the studio in downtown NYC, Laura carefully cleaned and disassembled the hinges and studied them to see how they work. She then recreated the hinge system so the claw would move. She did the same with the crab claw that she found in Sconset.


Kryptonian Criminals

Laura created this collection to complement and reference the natural geometry of the mineral.



Barrio collection is a study in the form and shape that interacts with fingers. The bar rings came out of Laura’s structural design concept. The balls rings developed from enhancing and exaggerating sizer balls.